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B.S., Mechanical Engineering; University of Southern California

M.S., Mechanical Engineering; University of Southern California


Professional Engineer, State of California, 1990

Certified Permitting Professional (CPP), South Coast AQMD, 1993


Instructor/Adjunct Faculty Member, West Coast University; Los Angeles, California (1993-1996)

Taught environmental courses with emphasis in air quality management, in the Environmental Management Graduate Program.


In addition to his industry experience as a Design/Manufacturing engineer, Mr. Eshraghi has over 31 years of environmental and regulatory experience as an engineer for the South Coast Air Quality Management District, and later on as the President of ATI. His experience is quite diversified as he has worked at various capacities in different sections of that agency. The extent of his experience covers the Source Testing section of the Technical Services Division as well as the Chemical Unit, Mechanical Unit, Metallurgical Unit and Printing & Coating Unit of the AQMD's Engineering Division.

In 1991, Mr. Eshraghi was selected by the SCAQMD Engineering Division management as one of the agency's top four engineers with unique experience and backgrounds to work on a temporary assignment in a specially formed unit, to process older, more difficult applications for permits.

Mr. Eshraghi resigned his position at the SCAQMD to form ATI in 1993. As the President of ATI he has been involved with many environmental projects for a number of small and large companies. As a Certified Permitting Professional with the AQMD, he has successfully helped companies obtain permits for various types of equipment, in an expeditious manner. He has assisted companies file other required reports and plans with the SCAQMD, BAY Area AQMD, California Air Resources Board, Sacramento Metropolitan AQMD, San Joaquin Valley APCD, and other local and state environmental regulatory agencies in California.

As an instructor at West Coast University (WCU), Mr. Eshraghi occasionally got involved with environmental studies and research projects contracted to WCU by the government agencies and the private sector.

Mr. Eshraghi speaks on a number of environmental related issues at gatherings of technical groups, industry associations, and environmental and technical societies. He frequently writes articles for technical journals and newsletters.

Mr. Eshraghi is a well known expert in the areas of particulate emissions from solid materials handling and transfer systems, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) emissions from printing/coating operations and emissions resulting from internal combustion engines and boilers.

Kevin is amongst a small group of individuals that have been trained by California Air Resources Board (CARB) as Greenhouse Gas Verifiers (AB32). In the past few years he has been involved in greenhouse gas emissions reporting and verifications in compliance with CARB and EPA requirements.

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