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ATI staff have worked on a number of various air quality related tasks for the private industry and the public sector. A few examples of such work are mentioned below:

Newspaper Printing Permit

A major newspaper in the Los Angeles area was planning to open a new facility. The individuals in charge of scheduling the project had underestimated the time it took to obtain the equipment permits. ATI was hired to help obtain the permits and expedite the process. Within a few days the AQMD application submittal package was ready. Nine days after the applications were submitted to the AQMD, the permits for the entire plant were issued.

Natural Gas Engine Permit

A manufacturing/processing facility had decided to install a natural gas engine to provide electricity for the entire plant. Most consultants they had spoken with, had expressed unwillingness to take on the job of permitting such a large gas engine. Mainly because no such engine had been permitted in this area in recent memory. ATI took on the challenge. Working with the engine and the control equipment manufacturers, it was established that this engine can indeed operate in compliance with all SCAQMD rules and regulations. The equipment was permitted soon after filing the application. Since then Southern California Gas Company has expressed interest in working with ATI in other similar projects and their environmental and marketing staff is in contact with ATI on a regular basis.

Risk Assessment at Folsom State Priso

ATI has recently been awarded the contract to conduct a health risk assessment of the Folsom State prison in Represa California. The prison includes various manufacturing operations and a number of power generating and heating equipment. The effects of the air emissions were assessed (carcinogenic and non-carcinogenic substances emissions) for the inmate population, in addition to the prison support staff, who live on the premises. EPA software were used to perform the modeling analyses.

Environmental Audit of a Printing Facilit

During the audit of a large printing operation, it was discovered that some of the substances that they used in their operation, exceeded the SCAQMD limits for graphic arts materials. They were notified of the findings and switched to compliant materials promptly. It was also discovered that they had been using ozone depleting materials that must have been reported under federal guidelines. That was taken care of immediately, and ATI assisted them in the filing of all the necessary reports.

New Degreasing Technolog

A manufacturer of metal degreasing equipment had come up with a new degreasing technology which had never been used in the South Coast region before. ATI was hired to evaluate the system and permit the first system with the South Coast AQMD. Within weeks following the filing of the application and the supporting information with the SCAQMD, the degreasing system was permitted for the first time. Since that time, the manufacturer of the system has asked ATI to assist other potential purchasers of the system to obtain the necessary permits. ATI is also helping to obtain BACT status for the subject system with the SCAQMD.

Continuous Emissions Monitoring System (CEMS) Project

A food processing plant in Los Angeles was required by the SCAQMD to install Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems on three pieces of equipment that were considered Major Sources under the SCAQMD's RECLAIM Program. ATI wrote the specs, specifying clearly what was required under the applicable regulations. Then contacted five qualified and reputable CEMS vendors and obtained proposals from all of them. ATI assisted the client in selecting the equipment and the vendor that best suited their operation. Following the selection of the CEMS, ATI prepared the CEMS Plan, CEMS applications, and Quality Assurance / Quality Control (QA/QC) Plan for the facility and submitted them to SCAQMD for review and approval.

Source test companies were also contacted by ATI to prepare the CEMS testing protocol for AQMD's approval, and to conduct the certification tests.

Semiconductor Equipment Permit

ATI was asked by an international Aerospace/Electronics manufacturer to assist in securing two permits for the alterations of two semiconductor manufacturing systems. The client needed to obtain the permits quickly in order to remain in compliance, without disrupting and interfering with the company's production schedules. Having had extensive experience with the evaluation of semiconductor manufacturing equipment, ATI prepared the application submittal package, and within weeks, secured the permits. ATI maintained contact with the SCAQMD processing engineers and reviewing staff through out the entire permitting process. In that way, questions and concerns were addressed expeditiously, resulting in the quick issuance of the permits.

Container Manufacturer Mixer/Baghous

ATI was asked by a major container (corrugated boxes) manufacturer to conduct a facility environmental audit. During the audit, among other things, ATI staff discovered that a starch mixing system was operating without the required permit. The client requested that ATI assist in obtaining the permit. During the evaluation of the mixing system, it was noted that the emissions were at high enough levels to require a baghouse for the control of the particulate emissions resulting from the dumping of starch powder into the mixing tank. ATI then helped the company to find a suitable baghouse as the control system. ATI helped in the design of the basic components of the baghouse to ensure compliance with the applicable SCAQMD rules, and secured the permits for the mixing tank and the baghouse.

Boiler Compliance Plan for Community Colleg

A community college in the Los Angeles area had been issued a Notice of Violation by the SCAQMD Compliance staff for not complying with rules 1146 and 1146.1. The facility uses a number of boiler in buildings on campus for heating and other purposes. ATI was hired to prepare the required Compliance Plans for each rule. The equipment was inspected by ATI staff and matched against the respective permits. Problems were resolved following meetings with SCAQMD Compliance staff. The Plans were prepared and submitted, and later on, approved by the AQMD.

Scrap Metal Shredding & Classifying Plan

A scrap metal shredding and classifying plant had a number of older permits, with each system including a large number of individual pieces of equipment spread out over a wide area. The systems had been altered many times over the years, but the company had failed to notify the regulatory authorities of the modifications. ATI was hired to go through all systems and draw new block flow diagrams of the systems that eventually helped in the applications for alterations of the systems to be filed and approved.

Relocation of Facilit

A client with a large number of SCAQMD permits at their facility had decided to move to a new location and take all the equipment with them. A quick audit of the facility was conducted by ATI staff. The effects and implications of the SCAQMD rules and regulations were studied and explained to the client. The provisions of the New Source Review regulation were especially important. ATI made sure that the requirements for "relocated equipment" were met, and as a result, the company was able to carry all their New Source Review balance (entire facility's emissions) to the new location. ATI filed applications for permits at the new location and successfully obtained the permits.

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